In reality our ESKOM supplied electricity , compared to the reliability of solar solution sources such as photovoltaic Solar energy system or gas are very unreliable.

Home & Houses

If your home has north, east and or west-facing roof space, call us for a free consultation. We take care of each step in the process, making sure you get the right type and size of system to suit your needs. Just watch it all come together. All you need do is focus on your savings.


Each of our packages includes:

Free power for 20+ years!

AAA-rated solar technology

Consultation, engineering, design and full installation

Our Five Star Warranty

Exceptional after-sales support


Simplex & Complexes

If you have the opportunity to influence the design of your Simplex or Complex beforehand, then you can make the best decisions with regards to the overall energy efficiency of your Simplex or Complex, like a good north facing roof area for your solar panels to efficient insulation in your walls and ceiling for cooler summer and warmer winters.


The more electricity that you use in your Simplex or Complex, the more it will add to your initial investment cost of your photovoltaic solar system in order to meet your overall power need.


We offer complete system designs with sufficient examples on how to convert by contacting us.

Hotels & Flats

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RPD Solar’s projects typically have a low environmental impact. When in operation, our systems generate electricity with no water use, no air emissions, and no waste production, and have the smallest carbon footprint of any PV technology. Our solars on flats is being designed to sit low to the ground and minimize visual impacts.


The  Flats site are carefully selected after thorough environmental review. The availability of land near existing electrical transmission lines, the amount of sunlight, and current land uses were also important considerations in the siting decision.

Unlike many other industrial and commercial sectors, hotels are unique in that their customers are present 24/7 on the premises. No part of the guest experience may be compromised, leading to heavy diesel consumption for power generation.


Diesel engine exhaust fumes are another area of concern; and many guests, particularly for star-rated hotels, are increasingly seeking green hotels. Rooftop solar power presents several advantages to hotels facing the above issues. Several constraints will, however, also need to be considered when introducing solar power into the energy mix of a hotel.