The consumption of power in an office building during the day time is much greater than that of the night time, which makes them ideally suited to solar power where electricity is generated only during the daytime.


Solar systems can be installed anywhere:

Solar systems can work separately from the  governments electrical grid and therefore can be installed anywhere.


To connect your far-flung home to the utility grid, power lines must be extended to your location. But you must pay to have that work done, and the farther away your home is, the more it costs.  Installing an off-grid solar system makes better economic sense. It costs much less, and you’ll gain energy independence.

Benefits of a solar system:

Farms and businesses in outlying areas can use photovoltaic panels for electrical power. Isolated buildings can be equipped with a solar panel system to provide heat and pump water. Typically, rooftop systems are most efficient, as their maximum exposure to sunlight allows them to collect more of the sun’s energy.


And when the sun is not shining the backup battery bank will provide power for the entire building.

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