Complete solar power kits for homes work better with your budget.

If you find yourself in a position where you have to decide between individual parts or complete kits, here is some perspective on the matter.

How can a solar system make your life simpler:

We all know that ESKOM is no longer a trusted supplier of continuous electricity because of the increased load-shedding times. On top of that, they have become ridiculously expensive and  the customer service is anything but reliable or helpful.

Generating electricity from coal and other means of fossil fuels will also be depleted if we do not change our ways of generating electricity.


Going off the grid will give you piece of mind that you will always have a continuous supply of electricity all year round with no interruptions. It will also reduce the costs of generating electricity significantly.


Maintaining the solar system will be kept low because the solar panels do not need regular maintenance to work and generate energy. You will be kept up to date on how much energy will be generated and used.


The powerful battery power bank will also insure that you will have round the clock power at night time and when there is little sunshine around.

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