Solar energy is the cleanest type of energy known to man since it is pollution-free and so helps to reduce

carbon emissions. Apart from being a renewable source of energy, solar energy is maintenance-free

since the panels do not need any form of regular maintenance for them to work efficiently.

How Eco-friendly is a solar system exactly:

Solar energy does not result in harmful carbon emissions that increase global warming or atmospheric pollution. Statistically speaking, 1 kilowatt (KW) of solar energy prevents 136kg of carbon from entering the atmosphere.


It also saves water, research shows that generating electricity using solar panels lets you save almost 90 percent water when compared coal.

 Solar energy releases far less toxins than other power production processes that are in use currently. The use of fossil fuels (natural fuels like coal, gas etc.) results in water, air and also land pollution. This impacts not just humans but all living creatures.


Using solar energy has substantial financial benefits such as lower utility bills,  increased home value and many more.

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