Solar engineers create solar cells that collect and store the sun’s rays. They work with clients to design, plan and implement solar energy projects for cities, businesses, and homeowners.


A detailed analysis of your electricity consumption over a 12-month period is used to determine the best size solar PV system to suit your needs. Based on this data a financial review is done giving the approx. payback period for the investment under consideration of various financial incentives and subsidies, where applicable.


All these findings are presented to the client for review and consideration.


Once the decision to continue with the project is reached we will provide a detailed quote for the system – we only use reputable, proven technology and suppliers.


The engineering and design process follows industry best practices in close consultation with suppliers, engineering consultants (i.e. structural, AC-electrical reticulation) and the client.



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We understand the difficulties that may arise during managing commercial solar power solution. But we trust our experts and experiences that motivate us and guide us in new commercial ventures. Backed up with a team of industry’s best engineer and product designers our installation team has managed many megawatts of commercial system in co-ordination with our global partners.

We understand why it is crucial to resolve the issue before it become complicated and expensive for the owner, our expertise and alertness allow us to provide top-notch professional service to our clients.


Our prime focus is to create clean and green electricity in a safe environment